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Todd Craggs of Cragco Inc.

When people ask about Cragco roll off service, they find out we call it being “Property Conscientious”.   Others might call us “Neat freaks” … something you may  not expect  in the dumpster rental  business.

About Cragco Roll Off Service; Todd Cragg owner of Cragco, Inc. of Ransomville, NY, does things very differently from most in the business of removing construction debris, basement clutter and what many people simply call ”debris”.

One dumpster or many; Short Term or Long Term; call today!

Cragco Inc. has grown from one pick-up truck back in 1994, to our current fleet of seven trucks, over 400 roll off dumpsters, and ten employees. Both our trucks and the roll off containers are bright and shiny.  They look more like they belong on a dealer’s lot than hauling debris. Our commitment to “Property Consciousness” does not stop there.

The real difference between us and the other guys in the business is the way we treat and respect our customers … both residential and commercial.

When Cragco Inc. delivers a 15, 22, or 30 yard roll-off container, the customer can rest assured that it won’t leave an oil leak, skid mark or crack on the driveway or other paving. That’s because of our exclusive “Blocking” of the rollers. The metal rollers do not even touch the surface of your driveway.

When it’s time to pick-up that full container, the same care is taken, so that it’s the truck, rather than the container, that moves in and out of position.  All of Cragco’s drivers sweep-up before they leave.

As for our drivers who work at this unique Niagara County company, our folks are just as courteous as they are careful. Add to that, a company policy of extremely competitive rates and same day service throughout Western New York.
Does all of this really make a difference? Just ask the companies and residents who won’t use anybody else. From schools and builders, to homeowners.  It’s clear that when it comes to rubbish removal, neatness counts.

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